Saving Private Bryan

Knowing that the shoe fits

I’m the guy from Massachusetts.

I’ve come here seeking friendship

and sail the 7 seas

and maybe find some comfort

in my 21-year disease.

Finally feeling fortunate,

my smile now sincere,

my struggles left behind me

speaking with no fear…


Yet I fear my limbs on strings

and skin that feels like paper

and all my other assets

that soon began to taper.

Temples of doom,

eye sockets that bloom

and a concave face

that resembles the moon.

Veins on my body that look like a map,

never directions for a normal crap.

Blind to the mirror,

afraid that I’ll see

what lipoatrophy has done to me.


Fearing old friends in public,

avoiding eye to eye,

the double take I get

makes me want to cry.

Crying doesn’t help,

the tears begin to race

quickly down the grooves

of my tired, sunken face.

Unprotected hetero sex

was my crime of passion

and now I’m serving time

living in puppet fashion.

Isolation by choice has kept me apart,

avoiding the stress that once stopped my heart.


But now I’m saving Private Bryan

from all these years of lying

too much pride to admit,

too much love to submit,

to a disease that could mean dying.


I’ve come back to my safe haven

where I know I’m accepted,

to gather more strength

from people affected.

I’m so happy to be here with my infection,

I hope and pray we made a connection.


by Bryan Fleury

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